Botanical names, common names and trade names

Botanical names, common names and trade names

 The nomenclature of a taxonomic group is based upon priority of publication.   From:  PRINCIPLE III    The modern taxonomic classification system has eight main levels  (from most inclusive to most exclusive): Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species Identifier.    From: 

Based on this the earliest publicated name of a species is the valid one. Any later publicated name for the same species is added as a synonym, and should not be used. Common names can be used, but not professionaly. 

Thus “Mother-in-laws-tounge ‘Laurentii’” will be valid, but will only make sense to those whom know the common name.  For Norway the common name is “Svigermors tunge” (and “Grønnbajonett”, thus “Svigermors tunge ‘Laurentii’” does not make sense to any other nationality reading the name.  Using the botanical nomenclature is the only certain way to identify a plant, regardless of the nationality and language.  Identifying the plant in the example will make sense to anyone if using Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’.

Species with multiple names published or in trade

This list contains the species (and cultivar name), as well as common names, synonyms where a plant have been listed with multiple names, and trade names where the name isn’t published, but used in commercial setting. The list is NOT complete, and new names will be added

Botanical nameSynonymCommon nameTrade name(s)as leaf cuttingsComment
S.bacularisS.lanciaS.bacularis “Mikado”
S.bhitalae ‘Silver Blue’S.kirkii ‘Silver Blue’ (Wrong label in Juan Chahinians book «The Splendid Sansevieria» (2005) , S.’Silver Blue’Sansiam UlimiSee Sansevieria Journal #30 “The Legend of ‘Silver Blue’
S.masoniana“Mason’s Congo” ( pre-2000)Whale Fin”, aka “Elephant ear” and «Shark Fin»S.m.’Congo’S.m.’Victoria’ (often for leaf cuttings), S.m.splendens (used on XL leaf)
S.’Lady Charm’S.’Silver Nymph’
S.’Gabriela’«Tough Lady»Unpublished variety?
S.cylindricaS.c.”Skyline”S.c.“Fingers”, S.c.”Dragon Fingers”, S.c.”Musica”, S.c.“Mikado”, S.c.”UpRight”S.cylindrica is often sold with additional sales name Skyline, Fingers,Dragon Fingers, Musica, Mikado, UpRight
S.cylindrica ‘Boncel’S.c. Var. Patula ‘Boncel’S.’Shabiki’, S.’Boncellensis’, S.boncel, «Starfish»S.c.“Mikado”S.cylindrica is often sold with additional sales name Skyline, Fingers,Dragon Fingers, Musica, Mikado, UpRight
«Father-in-law-tongue», sometimes wrongly identified as «Whale Fin» and «Sharks Fin».S.a.’Jade’, S.joboa, jiboia, jaboa and joboia, S.trifasciata jiboia, S.aubrytiana «Joboia», S.«Ayo», «Hannibal», and «Danish Crown».Sometimes when sold as «Danish Crown» they’re just leaf cuttings.
S.powysii ‘Blue Kew’S.”Lawi Tuff”, S.”Samurai”, S.’Blue Kew’
S.metallica ‘Siam Silver’S.aubrytiana ‘Metallic’. Sansiam Sayuri
S.hybr.’Fla H-13′“Parva stick”
S.lavranos 23154 ‘Warshiik’«Almond Jade», “Samurai Dwarf”Some say this is a S.ehrenbergii. «Almond Jade» is a patented plant under patent SUPSAN1701, but some put that name on ‘Warshiik’.
S.powysii ‘Blue Kew’“Samurai”
S.parva“Kirkii Friends”A trade name originating in the Netherlands
S.roxburghiana ‘Roxette’S.javanica, S.zeylanica “Greenline”, S.”Greenline”
S.trifasciata«Mother-in-laws-tongue», «Vipers bowstring hemp», “Saint George’s sword” or “snake plantS.zeylanica, S.”Greenline” (see also S.roxburghiaana)This is NOT a S.zeylanica
S.trifasciata ‘Laurentii’S.zeylanica ‘Laurentii’This is NOT a S.zeylanica
S.trifasciata ’Bantel’s Sensation’S.’Grüne Craigii’, S.’Junka Bear’ (larger form)
S.t.’Eve’“Green Flame”
S.trifasciata ’Compact’S.trifasciata ’Compacta’, S.trifasciata ’Laurentii Compacta’ (1959).
S.t.’Robust’S.t.’Robusta’S.t.‘Futura Robusta’, ‘Future Robust’, “Superba Robusta”‘Robusta’ not according to rules of BN
S.trifasciata ‘Black Gold Two’Wrongly identified as S.trifasciata ‘Black Gold’ in “The Sansevieria trifasciata varieties” (1986), corrected in Sansevieria journal #28/2012
S.trifasciata ‘Black Gold’S.t.’Black Gold Extreme’Someone added ‘Extreme’ most probably due to the trade name of the one below.
S.trifasciata ‘Sheri’S.t.’Black Gold Superba’, S.t.’Black Futura Gold’ (or ‘BFG Edge’), S.t.’Black Gold Compacta’, “Lemon Flame”
S.trifasciata ‘Hahnii’«Birds nest»S.t. «Green Hahnii», «zeylanica dwarf»«Green Hahnii» not to be confused with the real S.t.’Hahnii Green’
S.trifasciata ‘Whitney’S.t.‘Silver Flame’, S.t.’Diamond Flame’
S.trifasciata ‘Black Diamond’S.t.’Diamond Flame’
S.trifasciata ’Silver Hahnii Marginated’S.t.‘Golden Green’, «Night Owl», «Silver Star», «Starlight», «Hahnii Cream», «Blue Star»There exist a larger variety called S.t.’Pearl Young’, but growers have grown regular SHM to the same size, thus a separate name is not justified.
S.trifasciata ‘Hahnii marginated’«Ocean Star», «Laurentii Dwarf», «Green Star»
S.trifasciata ’Twist’S.t.’Twisted sister’, S.t. «Twister»
S.trifasciata ’Henny’s Gold’S.t.’Golden Wendy’
S.trifasciata ’Silver Queen’S.t.’Plumbea’ (in Europe), S.t. «Silver Cloud»
S.trifasciata ’Future Simplex’S.t.’Futura Superba’, and S.t.‘Superba Robusta’
S.trifasciata ’Wagner’s Gold’S.trifasciata ’Japanese Stripe’
S.trifasciata ’Gold’S.trifasciata ’Aurea’
S.trifasciata ’Morgenstern’s Future Gold’S.gigantea (Silver form) and S.g.aurea.S.trifasciata ‘Singer’s Silver’
S.trifasciata ’White Gold’S.t ’White Hahnii’, and S.t.’Europa’
S.trifasciata ’Jade Dwarf marginated’S.trifasciata ’Pagoda’S.trifasciata «Hahnii Jade marginated», «Honey Bunny», «Black Star», «Green mould»
S.trifasciata ‘Jade Dwarf’S.t. «Jade», «Hahnii Jade», «Black Dragon», «Jade Pagoda», «Jade Black», «Jade Star»
S.trifasciata ‘Hahnii marginated’S.t. «Dwarf Laurentii»
S.trifasciata ’Black Sport’S.trifasciata ’Austrian Black’
S.trifasciata ’Gold’S.trifasciata ’Aurea’
S.trifasciata ’Moonshine’S.t.’Moonglow’, S.t.’Moonbeam’, S.t.’Moonlight’, S.t.’Silver Moon’, S.t.’Moonstruck’, S.t. ‘Platinum Princess’, S.t.‘Silver Princess’
S.trifasciata ‘Hahnii Jade variegated’“Green mould variegated”, “Shooting Star”
S.trifasciata ’Moonshine Splash’S.trifasciata ’Future Moonshine Splash’ , «Snow White»
S.trifasciata ‘Nelsonii’“Onyx”
S.trifasciata ’Banded Nelsonii’«Mermaid» and «Green Mermaid»
S.trifasciata ’Black Diamond’S.trifasciata ’Black Moon’unpublished variety
S.t.‘Moonshine Mutant’S.t.«Brazilian Black», «Brazilian Moonshine», «Brazilian Black Moonshine»

Fancy names used to show potting pattern

Botanical names, common names and trade names – Sansevieria propogation

Plant nameAs leaf cuttingsAs full plant
S.’Lady Charm’S.’Lady Charm’ “Mikado”
S.’Silver Nymph’ “Mikado”
S.robusta ‘Blue’S.”Blue Mikado”
S.hybr.’FernwoodS.”Tiger Grass”

«Mikado» / «Spaghetti»

Leaf tips randomly planted in pot sold as «Mikado»


S.hybr.’Fernwood ‘Punky’ is a trade name for full S.f., often by the same companies that uses «Mikado»

 «Musica» / «UpRight» / «Fingers»

Leaf tips planted in a single line in the pot sold as «Musica».

«Tiger Grass»

Leaf cuttings of S.hybr.’Fernwood’ sold as S.«Tiger Grass».

Botanical names, common names and trade names – Sansevieria propogation

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