Propagation of Sansevieria trifasciata

A list of propagation methods for selected Sansevieria trifasciata. Table is not complete, and deviation can occur. The table is based on “Sansevieria Production Guide” , articles series “S.t. varieties – a new look” (Sansevieria journal #27-33), my experience, and discussions from different groups and forums. All S.trifasciata propagate and makes copies of themselves by crown separation, as long as it is a stable cultivar. Exceptions for leaf cuttings in the table below.

The table has a column called size where the growing size of the plants is noted, to easier distinguish similar cultivars that look the same. F=full size, C=compact size, and D=dwarf size.

The genus name Sansevieria is in the table abbreviated to S.

The species name trifasciata is in the table abbreviated to t.

Sansevieria propogation – An updated list of leaf cuttings

ameSizeCrown divisionLeaf cuttingsComments
S.t.’Laurentii’F+0Usually reverts to S. trifasciata
S.t.’Silver Queen’F++
S.t.’Bantel’s Sensation’F+0Usually reverts to S. t.’Longitudinal Stripes’
S.t.’Craigii’F+0Usually reverts to S. trifasciata
S.t.’Bogor’F+0*?*Often produce S.t.’Bantel’s Sensation’
S.t.’Laurentii Silver’F+0Usually reverts to S. trifasciata
S.t.’Argentea’F+0Usually reverts to S. trifasciata
S.t.’Banded Nelsonii’F+0Usually reverts to S. trifasciata
S.t.’Green Mermaid’F++Similar to S.t.’Banded Nelsoni’ in looks.
S.t.’Lillian True’F+0Usually reverts to S. trifasciata
S.t.’Forescate’F+0**Usually produce albino offspring
S.t.’Pulsar’F+0**Usually produce albino offspring
S.t.’Becky’F+?Sometimes producing a S.t.’Gold’ (with lighter green than S.t.’Gold’ from S.t.’Laurentii’)
S.t.’Black Sport’F+0Usually reverts to S. trifasciata
S.t.’Mein Liebling’F+0Usually reverts to S. trifasciata with thicker leaves than S.t.
S.t.’Future’C+0Usually reverts to S.t.`Robust’
S.t.’Compacta’C+0Usually reverts to S.trifasciata, but can sometimes also produce S.t.’Nelsonii’
S.t.’Moonshine’C+0Usually reverts to S.t.`Robust’
S.t.’Midnight Shine’C+0Usually produce S.t.’Future Midnight’
S.t.’Whitney’C+0Usually reverts to S.t.’Future Midnight’
S.t.’Eve’C+0Usually reverts to S.t.`Robust’
S.t.’Future Striations’C+0?Sometimes producing S.t.’Future Gold’
S.t.’Sheri’C+?Sansevieria #32 say “true-to-type”, but that refer to crown division and not leaf cutting ref Sansevieria #43
S.t.’Gray Lady’C++
S.t.’Gray Lady Striations’C+0?Sometimes producing S.t.’Gray Lady Gold’
S.t.’Black Sword’C+0Usually reverts to S.t.’Hahnii’
S.t.’Loops Pride’D+0Often reverts to S.t.’Hahnii’ with thick leaves
S.t.’Starburst’D+0Usually reverts to S.t.’Silver Hahnii’
S.t.’Hahnii’D++Sometimes producing a S.t.’Golden Hahnii’
S.t.’Hahnii variegated’D+0?Sometimes producing a S.t.’Golden Hahnii’ (ref SJ #28/2012), ‘Green Hahnii’, ‘Lime Dwarf’, ‘Hahnii Variegated’ (ref S.trif.varieties)
S.t.’Hahnii Primitive’D+0Occacionally produce S.t.’Lime Dwarf’
S.t’Golden Hahnii’D+0Usually reverts to S.t.`Hahnii’ , but can also produce S.t.’White Hahnii SX’
S.t’Lime Dwarf’D++
S.t.’Hahnii Streaker’D+0Usually reverts to S.t.’Hahnii’
S.t.’Silver Hahnii’D++
S.t.’Silver Hahnii Marginated’D+0Usually reverts to S.t.’Silver Hahnii’
S.t’Jade Dwarf’D++
S.t.’Jade Dwarf Marginated’D+0Usually reverts to S.t.’Jade Dwarf’
S.t.’Hahnii Giltedge’D+0Usually reverts to S.t.’Hahnii’
S.t.’Hahnii Marginated’D+0Usually reverts to S.t.’Hahnii’

Sansevieria propogation – An updated list of leaf cuttings

Sansevieria propogation – An updated list of leaf cuttings

Plants propagate true to type = +; 
   plants do not propagate true to type = O.